the Grenier

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Sebastiano Lombardi, at the helm of both restaurants, believes
in exalting the natural taste
of each product without in any
way altering them




gnocchi grenier250At Le Grenier, the Brasérade, a flanksteak
cooked on a braséro, has become a signature
dish for this traditional restaurant,
honoring the nostalgia and flavours of
our grandmother’s cooking.
Fondues and raclettes are also
part of the chef’s favourites,
as are the cheeses from Bruson
and the Val de Bagnes.
For desserts, the wafers, pancakes and soufflés,
and seasonal fruit tarts, using apricots,
quinces and strawberries
are absolute gourmet wonders.

From the meats to the cheeses, everything
is a treasure of the Valais terroir and its environs.
The crown's jewels of the Grenier !

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